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When in doubt…

When in doubt…

…try gratitude.

Today, I’m thinking of a dear friend. Years ago, we had a conversation about #MakingAMovement: about changing our lives, coming into ourselves, about living real, living large, living happy.

The Movement we talked about about was personal, professional, creative, spiritual, health-related…holistic.

That conversation over IM has never left me. I think I have it saved somewhere in either electronic or print form. I don’t need the exact words because I can tap into the spirit of it.

Today, I’m tapping into it as I try to remember – again – that creativity is essential for that Movement to take place.

I’m also trying to reconcile the dream of creativity (inevitably glamorous and cool and makes for a great story when gathered with equally glamorous and cool people) and the realities: sometimes, it is slow.

Sometimes (most of the time), our endeavors are not rockets. They’re on some winding road type shit. There are the moments when you say to yourself, “Why can’t everybody see how amazing this is?!” You feel frustrated because something doesn’t have enough likes, or isn’t creating enough “buzz.” You ask yourself, “What is the point?”

I’m having that moment with a project right now. Everything feels plodding and slow, especially while I watch friends and colleagues seemingly ride their rockets into the stratosphere (which is not what’s really happening, but…perceptions).

But then I remember our conversation about #MakingAMovement, and I remember why I started this project in the first place. And it’s happening. It may not “blow up” (whatever that means), but I’m still excited enough to see it grow and change for as long as it needs to.

It doesn’t have to be forever, but it is right now. And I’m motivated by that.

So I wrote this post straight off the dome, as a way of saying thanks to the homie. That conversation all those years ago was truly epic and we’re making movements. Thanks, sis.